Use of voice Search in Digital Marketing

Use of voice Search in Digital Marketing

*What is a Voice search?

A Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows users to search for what they need on the internet using voice recognition technology. The voice search is also called as Voice-Enabled, Allows the users to use voice-command to search the internet, a website, or an app. Voice recognition was first developed for PC and then later introduces in Smartphones which increased its popularity and later It became more accessible within the use of Home devices. This way the technology became more available and useful. The interest in voice search is growing day by day as many people use it because It’s simple, faster, and easier to access. As the use of voice search is increasing day by day business enterprises are now trying to implement voice search into their business.

*History of Voice Search





The first voice speech recognition system was Documented in 1952. It was developed by  Bell Laboratories which was called Audrey. It was a system that was only recognized by digits spoken y single words.

Later in 2008 Google launched the first voice search assistant on iPhone after that in 2011 Siri was introduced to the world giving the consumer their own very personal Assistant. From there onwards, A race to the top voice search recognition started to determine which is the best voice search assistant.

Microsoft gave us Cortana and Amazon gave us Echo, A voice controller powered by Alexa. The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning initiatives tell us that Voice recognition has brightened up the future ahead. that voice integration technology may soon be closer to the heart of the workspace.

*Application of Voice Search


Voice search


  • Making search engine queries
  • Voice dialing
  • Clarifying specific of the request
  • Launching programs
  • Search for content like audio and videos
  • Requesting for specific information
  • Voice messaging, etc.


*Voice Search in Digital Marketing

Girl using voice search


As the use of Voice Search is peaking day by day. Nowadays, Business Enterprises are also trying to implement the technology of voice search into their websites and social media platforms to assist the people who are visiting their websites. In that way, it would be more helpful, easier, and faster for the customer to get the support they needed from the business.

Implementing voice search to websites increases organic traffic to the website by optimizing it to the voice search. To drive traffic to your website through voice search first of all know your customer’s behavior and use the required long-term tail keywords. Optimize your website through local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), List your business website into google listing and local listings.

*Voice search making Mobile-Friendly environment



As most of the people nowadays, Use Mobile Phones. It replaced Desktops and laptops as the device used for searching information, and voice search activities are happening mostly on mobile devices. So, it is important to ensure that our website is mobile-friendly. if not it would be difficult for the mobile users to gain access to our website in that way the traffic to the website will be minimal or less.

As the voice search mechanism like Siri and Google Voice Assistant is dominating the SmartPhone world. It would encourage people to use smartphones a lot.

Brands should focus on these matters to utilize voice search optimization that should be compatible to use even in smartphones. In brief, A business must adopt a mobile-friendly website to engage more audiences and to draw more traffic into the website.

*Voice Search Technology and Local Search

Siri iphone asisstant


Voice search significantly gives excellent results in local searches. Voice search makes the audience know more about local information which gives outstanding results to the audiences. Local is global. Voice search enables users to know more information about local searches. The voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Voice Assistant, give complete information to the users about the information that is available on the internet.


*Benefits of optimizing your website for voice search




Here are some of the benefits that you ’ill get by optimizing your website with voice search

  • Higher Ranking:- According to a report, 75% of the voice search will result in the top 3 searches for a particular question. So by optimizing your website with Voice search it will attract more customers to your website which draw more traffic into the website.
  • Better Authority:– If you start ranking for voice searches. Ultimately it will boost your site so that new audiences can discover your site
  • High Revenue:- If more and more people are drawn to the website through voice search your website will rank in the top position which draws even more traffic into the website thereby providing E-commerce profit by growing your website.


*How Voice Search is changing SEO

SEO And Website   


With the increased use of Voice search in search engines, The biggest challenge faced by digital marketers is to fine-tune their SEO strategy for voice search optimization. Google voice recognition is not only the platform working on perfecting their voice search assistant. Even China has come up with its own voice recognition assistant called as iFlytek with an accuracy of 98% it can not only translate English to Mandarin but also can translate Mandarin to many other languages. The search engines are turning into answering engines as voice search has increased web traffic and higher retention.

The most important function of a voice search engine is to provide prompt and correct answers and not just a result to the user query and that is why it is important for SEO and Digital marketers to ensure the provision of credible information that can be easily processed by search engines in order to provide answers efficiently.


*How to Optimize your page for Voice Search

Voice search

  • Use natural languages with direct answers to specific questions.
  • Focus on Phrase and Longtail Keywords.
  • Optimize your page with local SEO.
  • Use scheme metadata.
  • Optimizing ads campaign for ‘near me searches’.
  • It is important to keep your Google my business and eCommerce store in proper order with up-to-date operating information
  • The appearance of voice search results is greatly influenced by the Domain authority and traditional search ranking.




Voice Search Optimization is always a great way to improve your business.it is the ongoing trend and future resulting technology to establish a business in the market. Though English is the dominant language in voice search there is a great scope in the future to add up other local languages to speed up the SEO activities in a new form.






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