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GOOGLE BERT– An Updated Search Algorithm 2019 As all, we know the global search engine giant Google introduced a new algorithm update ” Google Bert” to the world. BERT is also mainly focussed on the On-page SEO feature for each result based on keywords. It’s an advanced updated time for SEO results for each business or service. “Google Bert” update also similar to the search algorithm related to keywords given, but it means the biggest alteration for other search algorithms happens before.

Google Bert Update

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Google Bert Update


What does Bert Do?

Google says the BERT update means its search algorithm will have an easier time comprehending conversational nuances in a user’s query. Matchable example of this is statements where prepositional words such as ‘to’ and ‘for’ inform the intent of the query. BERT named as Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, a language processing technique based on neural networking principles. Google already assumed that this algorithm update will impact the little percentage of united states based queries and realizing that BERT has seen in action on featured snippets globally.

BERT affects the ON Page SEO results??

All SEO specialists can get huge relief and good signs by understanding the real fact that the BERT update is not introduced to penalize the current websites and links. It’s only to understand or crawls the queries by search engines easily and interpret the search queries smoothly. The search algorithm is better to understand all nuances in website language, it defines that websites with rich quality content are more discover in SERP. Websites with a lot of detailed content like ‘How -to’ guides and other in-depth content framed to benefit users are going to take advantage of Google BERT. It implies that businesses or services that aren’t updated through a good content strategy will move downwards from current status. BERT update follows google’s long processing trend of trying to keep good performance by improving the ability of its search algorithm to accurately serve conversational queries.



SEO 2019

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SEO – Google Bert Update

At present, this trend is going to be like searching the conversational queries through the voice recognition process and get the actual result based on queries.


Google Bert in Action :

Example1 :

It’s a search for “2019 brazil traveler to the USA needs a visa”. To understand the meaning of this search, it’s essential to understand the word “to” and its relationship to other words in the search query.



Example 1

                                                                                                    BERT Example 1


Example 2:

Another search result:

“Can you get medicine for someone pharmacy.” In the BERT model, the results are more based on the context meaning and understanding the word “for someone” is an important part of this query, whereas, in the previous results, it missed the meaning, showing general results about filling descriptions.


Bert Example 2

                                                                                              Bert Example 2


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