Which is better ?? Google Ads or Facebook Ads

Which is better ?? Google Ads or Facebook Ads


One of the most trending topics inside the online marketing or digital marketing related communities nowadays !!! and we think its time to share some of our thoughts on this topic too. It has been in the recent times that the topic gains more popularity and widely discussed, as we know during the time of this pandemic businesses are falling behind their expected profit level several policies such as cost-cutting and other things are being implemented to achieve the target they will also think on reducing the cost of marketing, But reducing the expense on marketing will be suicidal and for that the only way is to redefine the marketing strategy they are following. As part of it companies or businesses will focus more on online strategies also they will become more optimistic about their online strategies. Instead of spending on all the platforms, they will focus to put the budget on a specified strategy and a particular platform. There arise the importance of our topic that is ” which is better?? ” “Invest on google ads” Or “to invest on Facebook ads”

Both Google Adwords and Facebook ads are the two main and dynamic contributors to the online advertising field. They are two giants on the field with they almost have the same campaign objectives and other attributes. Adwords help you to find new customers while facebook helps new customers find you, it is one of the main difference between these two types. Through Facebook, we are going towards our specified customers while through google ads the customer will find your products by searching through specific channels.

Google Ads

Google AdWords is the widely used and world’s largest platform for PPC Advertising also known as paid search. It focuses on targeting based on keywords in specific words, broad matches, and phrases. The generic appearance and process of google AdWords seem to be complex but users are paying on it for more potential customers for their business.

A large audience

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No other search engines can offer the potential crowd that Google can offer. This tremendous potential reach on clients alone makes Google an incredible expansion to your advanced showcasing procedure, however, when joined with Google’s most accurate search results, it’s easy to see why AdWords is the most famous and broadly utilized PPC stage on the planet.

A big platform

Many of them have a misconception that If the price range or the budget is high so that the number of leads will also be high. It is a wrong thought as the amount doesn’t matter but the relevance and quality matter. so if anyone who has a belief that higher the budget will get you higher results please understand the fact behind it before starting your advertisement. The more relevant an ad is to the user, the better the experience that user is likely to have – and, therefore, the more likely they are to continue using Google as their go-to search engine. So, Google AdWords rewards relevance and quality above all other factors. This is why smart advertisers with relevant, optimized, high-quality ads rarely have to bid as highly as advertisers with poorer ads.

A wide range of Ad formats

Adwords introduced in 2000, from that time itself text-based ads are only available and today’s text ad is still there but with a lot of differences.

Although PPC promotions in AdWords remain text-based, publicists can exploit a mind-boggling number of highlights to make their advertisements all the more convincing and alluring to imminent clients. Promotion expansions, site links, social sealing, and many other formats to make it more potential to clients and users.

Facebook Ad

Otherwise called as paid social, it targets the audience based on their interests, behaviors, and other detailed demographics. It helps the advertisers to find the exact audience for their products or services. Being the social media platform having the highest number of active users and now acquired Instagram and WhatsApp Messenger. Facebook also opens a large platform for the advertisers today and they are now in a small distance behind google in the case of the number of audiences.

A large amount of data

As I told you earlier Facebook is the largest social media platform with the most number of active users present and they also have an immense audience, More than just audience facebook knows almost every detail of their audience, it can be simply explained as we know people almost update most of their personal details on Facebook regarding their family details, whenever they check-in somewhere, attending some functions, any newcomers to the family their personal achievements their job types, etc… All these details are stored in the server and this data is used by Facebook to target their specific audience.

A Visual Retreat


Different from the usual text-based PPC campaigns Facebook ads provide visually attractive images, videos, and other multimedia to get in-depth to the potential customers the advertisers are targeting. Facebook ads have many options to engage with customers you can create your ad with a single image, with a number of images (Maximum 10), With videos, With GIFS, Product showcasing, etc…Facebook ads are powerfully visual, it enables advertisers to leverage not only the strongly persuasive qualities of visual ads but to do so in a way that conveys the aspirational messaging that makes high-quality ads so compelling.

High Return of Investment (ROI)

Facebook Ads are strikingly reasonable, particularly while considering their likely effect and the granularity with which advertisers can focus on their potential audience. This exceptionally serious valuing makes Facebook Ads an apt suggestion to private ventures and organizations with restricted assets – not simply large brands with immense promoting spending plans.

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Joined with the amazing potential returns offered by the stage, Facebook Ads is extraordinary compared to other worth internet promoting arrangements accessible today.

A study over the past few years


NB: Collective data based on comparison studies over the past 4 years

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The above graph represents a study based on the impact of images and videos on Ads over the past few years. From the graph itself, it is identified that videos are playing a big role in this recent times, The impact of videos is very much higher as most of the audience on these networks are interested in watching video related ads than images or any other media. A very narrow audience is showing no change or others. The reach of videos may also vary like the reach or impact of an image vary as we know images with over text etc… now have a very low reach and relevance likewise in case of videos the reach may depend on the ratio at which the video is created. It may be in landscape, letterbox, and square ar may be any other type. Below given is a comparison chart showing the importance of video formats which are having a higher impact than others

Image courtesy: Buffer

As we can conclude with the results that over these past few years Facebook ads have a remarkable growth than google ads but still google maintain the top position with a slight difference google ads are still maintaining, nowadays large scale businesses are mostly preferring google ads, while medium and small scale industries prefer Facebook ads. So after these pandemic situations large scale industries may start to regain their losses and google ads maybe widely chosen by them and for new industries coming after this pandemic will move to social media platforms.

Image Courtesy: Visual capitalists

The way at which both the platforms grown-up was amazing, Today google and Facebook control almost 70% of world digital advertising and they are expanding day by day,  Facebook acquired Whatsapp and Instagram also they expanded their advertising methodologies and so on.


pic courtesy: respective owner



Google Ads  3000 84 35.71 2.56
Facebook Ads 5000 61 81.96 1.01


So from the study itself, we understood that through the cost per click for Facebook leads is low but all other factors such as acquisition rate, conversions, and in the case of budget google ads are more beneficial to a medium-sized or large companies. The leads are also more precise in the case of google ads comparing to Facebook leads.


From all the studies and from every comparison chart we can say that both these platforms are powerful, both of them have many similarities and also they have differences in many factors too.

When evaluating each solution’s strengths and potential applications, it’s also apparent that the two platforms should be viewed in a complementary, rather than adversarial, way. Some people insist on comparing Facebook Ads to the Google Display Network the ways in which the two platforms have evolved independently of one another shows that AdWords and Facebook should be used in concert, not in opposition. Although marketing messaging can and arguably should remain consistent across both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, it’s vital to understand how best to use each platform for maximum ROI and greater business growth.

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