[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Get The Most Out Of AI Without Losing Your Humanity

AI in leveraging Humans

[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Get The Most Out Of AI Without Losing Your Humanity

Whether or not you know it, you’re probably benefitting from artificial intelligence, sometimes called AI. As you know or may not know, AI is why your computer programs are able to spell check (and spell correctly) for you. AI is why your personal digital assistant can hear you, listen, and make notes. And AI is why you can get directed to a department that you’re looking for at a large company.

But some people are rightly worried that too much AI means too little humanity. At the same time, many people hold an optimistic view of AI—what it can do for us and the future, and how it may lift the burden of tiresome or unnecessary tasks in favour of more meaningful interactions or work.

For example, Artificial Intelligence can be a foundation of making departments such as accounting more efficient. Artificial Intelligence tech can help prepare invoices in a more timely manner and set reminders for automatic follow-up, too. AI can also help salespeople better manage their data, which leads to more satisfied customers. This graphic explains more of the AI benefits.

AI in Digital MarketingInfographic source Salesforce.

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