How You Can Optimize Your Social Media Advertising

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How You Can Optimize Your Social Media Advertising

It’s a well-known fact that we as a whole, live and survive in a web-based social media each and every single day of your life. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, you name it! Previously, brands got their names out through boards, TV ads and newspapers. We now live in an advanced digital age and brands need to streamline web-based social media platforms to reach and engage with their audience. Especially, when it’s an even platform for all.

Social Media swipe

You swipe and scroll. (Design By Jonas Mosesson)

Okay, these are still useful measures, the normal is – when half or even the whole planet scrolls through their feeds or timelines in the spare time (which is an awful lot of time), why not just focus and target them directly so that it would reach their doorstep?

The Social Media game has changed over the years. Now, it is on a whole new level and it has made the brands easier to showcase their products and what’s happening to them to their customers and potential audience. And if you have plans to bring your ‘A’ game to your audience with creative partners like Wishtree, to create and showcase your vision to your audiences and target to the right audience from the set and subsets, we can drive results for you.

Why don’t you go through our Few Tips from Experts and from our experiences?

1. One at a Time

Customer Service

Help when needed. (Design by Fede Cook)

Yay! Sign up on Facebook and reach the whole word, ROI easily. Not so fast, on the long-term term, it will become more ineffective.

Jeff Silkov, founder of FitnessTrainer.com,

“One very key part of our business is to drive local service providers to sign up for our service. We have local personal trainers, nutritionists, therapists and others in the health and wellness space. However, when doing Facebook advertising for each of these different providers we only focus on advertising to one group at a time. By doing this we are able to think through our targeting more thoroughly, and ultimately have higher conversion rates.”

Focus and target where it should be intended. If not, you are just trying to dump the whole investment into the sea. And the intended targets and audiences are getting smarter and smarter each and every day which makes it more complicated.

2. Pin-point the Location

Consider you are new to the market and you have a broad audience or strictly focused group of audience to target, but you can focus targeting technique. As someone like Rohit Sharma from Statusbrew have some insights about one particular technique.

“Geofencing is an AdWords based tool that helps you to target a more general area. It can be anything such as a particular area, zip code or particular city. It is slightly broader, but it can be used strategically if there is a general location where your customers will be that you wish to target. This allows you to reach a much larger group of people, and specifically, the right group of people.”

3. Optimize your Social Media Brand Pages 

You have your page and you are successfully running huge campaigns and pipes to reach your customers and grow your customers. But what happens if they happen to drop by your page and see there isn’t anything active or any trustworthy posts or idle page. It would really affect your business claiming that you might not be trustworthy or lacks credentials.

To avoid such blockades, you need to continuously and systematically manage and run your pages actively to get in touch with your audiences. Your posts and interests may change over time or period. But the page should maintain a particular unique theme throughout from the very existence. Because it’s very likely that a potential customer would do their research before buying your product. And Social Media is one of the main source where they could find your brand and how engaging and reliable your brand is.

The Art of FLIGHT is a perfect example of Red Bull’s seamless integration of social media into film marketing. Their social strategy generated nearly 10 million trailer views and 100,000 Facebook fans, who were linked directly to iTunes movie sales.

Red Bull clearly knows its way around social media. It established itself as the premier sports energy drink and maintaining their A-Level game for 30 years now.

4. Don’t Scroll through a Feedback

Your ad did good and managed to land new fans on your page. Decent. But, if you have ever felt like every single one of them are part of the happy family, you are WRONG. They are also here to address their issues and problems they faced with your brand or product. But it is also a window for you to learn and improve from them.

Hence, you should never ignore their feedbacks even if they are negative or positive. Take your time to appreciate them because they took their time to drop by to share their views and thoughts. Build a relationship and make them feel valuable. At the end of the day, it’s them who really values your brand and your products or services.

You should realize when to opt-in or out. As Reid Hoffman says entrepreneurs need to both listen to what users say and selectively ignore them.

5. A/B Testing

From business to business, every field requires testing. Marketing is no exception.

Google alone ran more than 7,000 A/B tests in 2011. They even tested 50 shades of blue on their call-to-action button, to find the highest converting shade. Even the giants are as clueless as every one of you and us.

A/B testing

Red or Yellow? (Design by Gal Shir)

As per Noah Kagan from Appsumo puts it,

“Only 1 out of 8 A/B tests have driven significant change in conversion rates.”

A/B testing can enable you to make careful, focused changes to improve your conversion rates. Only if you are willing to try.



6. We are LIVE!

Facebook audience

Ads are cool, but going LIVE takes engagement to another level. The best attribute of going LIVE is audience getting a chance to get in touch with Brands and the workforce behind it. Another big advantage of going LIVE would be it will stay live on your page for up to 24 hours. From there, you can target a specific audience and whom it matters for you and your brand.

Need actual words? Christina Nicholson, former TV reporter, and anchor:

“After you do it, do all you can to drive traffic for 24 hours so the engagement on the Facebook Live grows. Then, boost it to a targeted audience.  Not only is this unconventional, but it works well because Facebook rewards engagement and Facebook Live gives you the most engagement. Plus, people like to see things off the cuff and not so buttoned up on social media. It will make you more relatable and will be fun to watch for your audience.”

These are just a few tips how you can help your Social Media advertising game. For more information on how Wishtree can help your business, check out our services.

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